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Turning Corners II

Personally, turning corners is always welcome. It always means that whatever I’ve been struggling with – be it how to focus my work, what to write about, how to create more connection with my busy adult children, or how to think about who I am – (and by the way, that list could go on and on) – it means I’ve come to some new terms with myself about whatever the topic.

It always feels like I am touching into a new, deeper reality. It’s easy to accept because it feels so right, so true. It means I’ve realized something that is deeply resonant with my core self.

A wonderful feeling.

In studying transitions, it seems to me that phoenixing from transitions is often about turning corners. Accepting a new reality. Making the most of it. Finding something resonant inside.

When I think of times I’ve turned corners, I feel tremendous clarity – clarity of thought, purpose, mission, and heart. Heart clarity is the most powerful for me. Once I find it in me, I am unshakeable. Grounded. Ready for next. Almost invincible (at least for a moment or two).

What this means is: take time to find your current reality.  What is bogging you down? What is keeping you from feeling fresh and alive? Life is too short to spend much time feeling stale and stuck. We all need time and space to feel these feelings and move through them.

Here’s to turning corners! And here’s to the transitions that make this a ripe, worthy effort for all of us to develop into an even more authentic version of ourselves. The layers of self are plenty and deep, which means the work of development is always available to us.

Where are you stuck? What does that feel like? What is it telling you? What is missing? What one action can you take to move forward? Do it. Use your own knowing as a resource for yourself. Allow yourself that freedom. You may just turn a corner.

This entry was posted in General, Transition on July 29, 2015.

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