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"Chris helped me to see my own situation from a different perspective – enabling me to set personal goals. Each coaching session with Chris resulted in my feeling energized and enthused about my action plan, and I felt confident that the insight I gained about myself truly would help me to be a more effective leader.” ~D.P., EVP – Retail Banking

Miro Group offers executive and leadership coaching that makes a difference… to business results, your effectiveness as a leader, and to increased well-being.

Take on the deepest and most rewarding leadership challenge. Today's leaders take on challenges that are bigger in scope than ever before. And yet, the deeper challenge is remembering who you are in the midst of all the ‘x-games’ of leading and achieving you are doing. We believe there are ways to tap your genius and expand your reach without turning you into someone you don’t recognize any more.

You are already innately capable. Our job is to work with you to show you ways to draw from the deep well of your own experience and desire, and help you move to mastery over any beliefs or ways of behaving that keep you in a smaller game. What you want is likely right before your eyes.

Pay attention to what you are great at. Research has shown over and over that leaders who pay attention to what they love, focus on what matters most to them, and work from their strengths are far more successful than those who focus on what is wrong with them. That is not to say that challenges don’t exist – of course not. But we know from mountains of data that leaders who pay attention to leveraging their strengths end up playing a bigger game.

Leverage your strengths. Build and sustain resilience. Know yourself. Lead and develop others. These are key attributes that coaching can help build. Leaders who are resilient, who can face reality and think about change and transition in positive ways, serve as guides and role models to those around them.

If you think it is time to address your challenges and mandates in ways that empower you and create greater resilience, contact us. It is possible for you to see your challenges differently very early in the coaching process, and you can quickly learn ways to see your world with new lenses, and execute accordingly. Leaders who invest in our approach to coaching are better able to bring their best self to their work, in more sustainable and result-oriented ways.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us:

Our coaching is based on the following principles:

  • Results matter. We work to help you achieve the results you seek.

  • We believe you are innately capable with many resources ready to assist you.

  • Practicing self observation and reflection will create greater awareness, strength, and expanded opportunity.

  • You are not an island, but rather a connector and member of multiple systems. This matters.

  • You are exactly where you need to be to learn all kinds of new possible strategies and approaches to getting the results you want.

  • Your work life is your laboratory, your workshop, your mirror.

  • Experimenting with new thoughts and behaviors is fun and enlightening.

  • Candor and authenticity, combined with emotional awareness, are compelling and necessary qualities for leaders to cultivate.

  • We believe in the possibilities that you cannot yet see, and we have faith in you where you may not.

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