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"Chris Wahl designed and delivered a program that exceeded our expectations. Those who attended the program not only have the skills to coach our senior managers, but the readings, discussions, and mentored coaching have altered their mindsets in the most positive ways. Three years later, I still get emails and messages about the coaches’ successful interventions. Their work is changing our leadership culture.” ~ S.G., Vice President, Financial Services

Chris Wahl and her team at Miro Group offer consulting related to the following topics:

Leadership Development Program Design

Having taught leadership development in numerous organizations to myriad levels of leaders, from first line supervisors to C-suite executives, we have developed deep expertise in the art and science of creating targeted development programs for leaders. Working in partnership with HR and OD functions within organizations, we help you outline, think through, plan, and develop the right kind of training for your leaders.

ICF-approved Coach Training Programs

Miro Group consultants work with organizations that want to offer comprehensive, ICF-approved coach training programs. In the past three years, we have developed robust, year-long, internal coach training programs tailored to the organization’s needs. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge of what belongs in an ICF-approved coach training offering. We know what it takes to create, develop, design, get approval, and choose participants who are ready to learn.  If you are looking to create a coach training program, or enhance an existing one, we can help you.

Internal Coaching Program Design

Miro Group consultants have advised numerous organizations and HR functions wishing to develop internal coaching programs, tailored to the needs of the organization.We have held numerous contracts that bring our coaches into an organization for the long-term.We’ve helped organizations design the program that is right for their leaders.We’ve been there and we can help you develop a program that is just right for your organization.

Recent consulting assignments have included…

  • restructuring the roles and responsibilities of a senior legal team

  • brainstorming and creating approaches to use adult development theory in transformational leadership training

  • helping a global operations team bridge communication and process gaps

  • working with a senior HR VP to tailor a year-long coaching program for HR generalists

  • helping the president of a global organization transition his team upon his retirement

  • shadow consulting to various coaches and consultants related to their work in organizations

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