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Starting Somewhere - It May As Well Be Positive

I have put off blogging for years. So many wonderful thought leaders are blogging that I am not sure I believe that I have anything “matterful” to add to the conversation.

Time will tell.

Last week, I was invited to share my ideas on well-being at a symposium at George Mason University. In conversations about well-being with thought leaders from all over the country, I was fascinated at how this concept is really taking hold.

One of the researchers, the scholarly, humble, and vibrant Kim Cameron from the University of Michigan, did a short (and energizing) presentation on the effect of being a “positive energizer” in whatever environments you are in. His research and statistics are compelling. He showed us a network map of an organization where those with the largest salaries are the outliers, in other words, not “positive energizers,” and where the lower level, lower paid associates are the most linked to everyone else in the organization. Guess who has more information? Guess who has more vitality within the organization? Guess who are the go-to persons?  Guess who is getting results? And guess who are the ones people avoid?  The answer to the first four questions:  the positive energizers. And you know the answer to the last question.

This concept has stayed with me all week, and that means it has legs – and maybe writing about it will be a way to give it wings. In the end, how does one be a positive energizer? You could say it’s all about intention, and I think you’d be partly right.  But it’s more than that.  I think it’s about a way of thinking, feeling, and being that is integrated, and which comes from acceptance, gratitude, and love. With those three as your platform, you can’t be anything but…a positive energizer.


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