"Having participated in the leadership coaching program that Chris created, as well as her deep-dive workshops on Adult Development and Teams, I have learned practical skills, experienced deeper awareness, and learned to embody my authenticity, with the result always being a renewed self.” ~ M.M., President, Consulting Firm
Miro Group offers leadership and coach training workshops, designed around the latest research on leadership and coaching to provide a rich, invigorating, and  transformative experience for workshop participants.

Workshops for Leaders

Integrative Leadership Principles for New Leaders
This course helps new leaders establish themselves by grounding them in tools and approaches to people and team development, change leadership, creativity, trust, and accountability.

Leadership: Mindsets that Lead to Results

Knowing your own mind and how it works is foundational for leadership success. This course helps leaders see their minds and how their thinking affects the people they lead. Moods are contagious. Mindsets are contagious. Using the basics of understanding thought and what predisposes leaders to act, grounded in neuroscience and biology, leaders learn how their thinking gets in their way and how to shift their thinking, re-message, and create cultures that thrive.

Transformation of a Leader – Building Capacity for 21st Century Leadership

Leaders are required to exhibit leadership competencies such as delegation, prioritization, empowerment, strategic thinking, and others – all of which demand a certain stage fo development. Leaders who are aware of their own stage of development are better able to meet colleagues, bosses, and direct reports where they are, so that work gets done effectively. This two-day course is for leaders who want to enlarge their capacity to see others’ viewpoints and apply knowledge of the stages of adult development in pragmatic ways to their own leadership approach.

Leader as Coach

This workshop introduces leaders to the skills and approaches of coaching, and helps leaders apply these skills to developing their direct reports. Leaders learn what it means to be coach-like, and how coaching direct reports is different from directing them or telling them what to do. Leaders learn how to discern a coaching conversation from a performance or counseling conversation, and practice the skills of listening, inquiry, and dialogue.

Tailored Courses

Miro Group has developed a myriad of conscious approaches to helping leaders be holistic and fantastic. These programs can be tailored for organizations wishing to create more intentional, conscious leadership.

Workshops for Coaches

Coaching Teams for Sustainable Performance

This ICF-certified course helps coaches learn, practice, and integrate ways to coach business teams to achieve the results required of them. This course was developed in collaboration with Alexander Caillet, One21Five. Together, Alexander and Chris guide coaches through three days of team coaching and group dynamic models and concepts, using simulations designed to inspire confidence and skill in working as a team coach. This course has been approved by ICF for 27 continuing education units.

Using Adult Development Theory to Coach Leaders

Chris Wahl, MCC, and Barbara Braham, MCC, offer this highly successful ICF-certified course that deepens the knowledge of coaches who wish to apply adult development theory to working with their clients. Coaches who attend this course experience a rich three days on the theory and application of adult development to coaching. As a result, they are better able to identify exactly what approach to take with their various clients, as well as understand their own strengths and opportunities from a stage development perspective. This course has been approved by ICF for 17.75 continuing education units.

A Coach’s Toolbox – Working with Leaders at Conventional Stages

Chris Wahl, MCC, and Barbara Braham. MCC, offer this two-day course for coaches who wish to understand, create, and use the best tools possible to support their clients at conventional stages of development. Coaches who take this program will leave with a set of tools specifically applicable to coaching Expert and Achiever leaders. And, they learn a way to adapt their current coaching tools to a leader’s stage of development. Using case studies, dialogue, small group activities, coaches build a toolkit that is stage-related.

Transitions and Resilience

Using stage development theory as a lens for understanding transition, this two-day course helps coaches understand what happens for their clients in transition. Together, participants work with case studies, personal experience, and current client issues to better understand appropriate coaching approaches for clients in the midst of developmental and/or life transitions. Workshop participants create a robust list of best practices, resources, and support for clients in transition, with the intention of helping clients build more sustainable resilience and well-being.

Tailored Coach Training for HR Executives

Chris Wahl, MCC, and Karen Gravenstine, MCC, offer tailored, ICF-certified coach training programs for HR executives within organizations. These training courses prepare HR executives to coach the leaders within their organization, and have been extremely successful, not only for the trained coaches and the leaders they coach, but also for the HR team as well as the organization culture. Contact us if you would like to explore this possibility for your organization!

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