Reclaim Yourself: Specialized Leadership Retreats
"Reflection is the foundation for great leadership. A retreat is the perfect medium, allowing leaders to reflect, become inspired, say ‘yes’ to what matters, and ‘no’ to all that doesn’t.”
~ Chris Wahl

There are times in a leader’s life where time away is exactly what is needed to be able to make the next big choice, create the next vision, or make sense of current choices that are conflicting or unclear. We have coached many leaders whose own wholeness is fractured by too many competing demands, and a retreat offers the chance to reclaim one’s wholeness.

Specialized leadership retreats are integrative and future focused. In collaboration with Kate Ebner of the Nebo Company, we offer retreats for groups of executives or individuals.

We can create a retreat for a leader, a group of leaders, or small business owners. We tailor the retreat to the client we are working with.

Retreats we offer include:

  • Envisioning What’s Next:  We created and offer this leadership retreat for groups of senior executives, and most recently offered for women executives.  It is a vision retreat. Always offered in a natural setting conducive to reflection, community, and exploration, this retreat inspires leaders to live into the future that each leader envisions.  Supported by structured conversations and exercises, community sharing, and well-being practices, these retreats enliven a leader’s perspective on leading and living.

  • Individualized/Personalized Leadership Retreats:  We have done retreats that last from 2.5-5 days for senior leaders in Fortune 500 organizations and small business owners.  During these retreats, Chris Wahl and Kate Ebner create a structure based on the needs of the leader, and invite the leader into deep reflection, futuring, and commitments that will enable a greater chance of achieving desired results, combined with personal well-being.  These retreats are offered offsite, usually at a location the client loves, or wants to explore. Our most recent one was in Costa Rica, against the powerful sounds of the Pacific Ocean.  Nature is a large part of these retreats, as it supports the work we all do together while on retreat.

What makes these retreats amazingly powerful is our approach…

  • We do preliminary work to understand the leader in his or her context, including 360 interviews, targeted assessments, and interviews with the client

  • We create a robust and visionary structure that will work for the client’s needs, based on the number of days required

  • We follow up  after the retreat with a coaching program tailored to the leader’s commitments

  • We have the ability to find locations that are both forceful in their energy (mountains or ocean, deep woods, charming towns), as well as soothing and conducive to reflection

  • We invite other experts into the mix (artists, authors, musicians, health care practitioners) as appropriate

  • We have honed over 25 years our capacity to listen deeply, use what we hear to help clients reframe their challenges and desires, and we are committed to challenging the status quo in service to a greater perspective and vision for our clients and their well being

'Wholeness matters." ~ Chris Wahl

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