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My "Dream Clean" is on the Horizon

I’ve never taken much concentrated time off. I’ve done short vacations and short retreats. And, in the last year or two I have heard myself speak at conferences, in workshops, and in many colleague conversations, where I’ve encouraged thinking about the value of timing out, taking a retreat, honoring needed time to reflect and create. And now the time has come…July 2014. Me, Myself, and I are now in that equation.

Calling it my “Dream Clean” is appropriate. I am retreating into my life and its history since moving into this home 22 years ago. My love of books and information is starting to crowd my office. My grown children have left behind remainders of their earlier lives. Rooms that could be beautiful are inviting my energy and attention. My dream is to create a beautiful home once again, with any possible “remainders” going off to family or others who can use them.

On a deeper level, this “dream clean” is an interior process. I am expecting to experience some deep emotion. Tears. Memories. Joy. Emptiness. Fullness. Ambivalence. Remembering. Honoring and Letting Go. This is a spiritual journey as much as it is an external letting go. What will be left of me and us when I have cleared out old items that once mattered so much? What will it feel like to honor and let go? What will emerge from me when the no-longer-needed can no longer find a way to grab my attention? Who is the me who will emerge, all cleaned and de-cluttered, after the clearing is complete? In what ways will I dissolve? Re-create? Re-fire? Find new and different vitality? My dream on the interior has all to do with what I have helped so many clients do – remember their life, find what is vivifying, give the soul room to speak in its gentle, quiet voice.

Stay tuned! I welcome your comments.

This entry was posted in Well-Being on June 25, 2014.

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