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Stanley Kunitz

"I heard someone say once, 'I'd rather look at a painting of a sky any day than the sky.' I have to say that's one of the more preposterous things I've heard. Sometimes I walk out and see sky in all its changeability, and recall that statement. It's like saying you'd rather read a love story than be in love." - Stanley Kunitz, The Wild Braid

Stanley Kunitz is a poet who has spent many hours, days, decades in the garden. His book, The Wild Braid, is profoundly beautiful, offering up his musings on being a poet and a gardener, allowing life to flow, noticing where the tension shows up and how it can resolve, and how we can keep noticing and living into our edges. For Stanley, and for many of us, this starts by noticing beauty, which is all around us.

Photo by Nick Scheerbart, Unsplash

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