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"And... how is this perfect for you?"

While you may have heard this question before, from some other place, I credit my colleague, Jim Anderson, for this beautiful (and often maddening) question. It's maddening to ponder when I am feeling self-righteous and don't want to be stopped in my tracks. Or, when I am certain that things should be "otherwise." Or, when I am just tired of what is. And it's a beautiful eye-opener question when I can move past all that (not always easy). It is a question that invites me to find the lessons in my frustration. Jim is a coach, healer, intuitive, creative, laugh-maker, supporter, and inspirer-of-hope. Being in Jim's presence is a treat. You can't help but expand and see things in new ways. Bringing myself to this question, often, shows me that there is perfection in acceptance. Thank you, Jim.

Photo by Steve Johnson, Unsplash

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