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Keep Your Promises to Self

You are remarkable, and maybe you know that, maybe you don’t. We all have the potential to feel remarkable, and one of the best ways to do that is to keep the promises you make to yourself, on your behalf. People who do that are, to me, beautifully inspiring!

Example:  I was with a colleague today whom I hadn’t seen in a month or more.  The last time I saw her I remarked on how fit she was looking, and she shared that she was in the process of losing weight, intentionally. To do this she gave up many foods that she enjoyed but that were not healthy for her, making sure she packed her own lunch to take to work every day.  She was living on lean protein and vegetables, and had come far enough by then (down 20 lbs) that she was feeling very different physically and emotionally. Today when I saw her she really looked terrific! I commented again on how fit and healthy she was looking, and she looked up at me and said, “Down 34, only 18 more to go.” She had recently taken a trip to Asia, and carefully packed cans of tuna and other food choices that would sustain her while she was there.  During evenings out with her colleagues, she would be sure to have eaten adequately so that she was not tempted to eat food that would sabotage her immense efforts to drop some weight.

She kept her promise to herself. And now she looks amazing and feels remarkable. Further, she has proven to herself that setting an intention and sticking to it pays off. This creates self-trust, which creates more self-confidence, more capacity to see things through. In its own energetic way, it can also create more trust between you and others. I know one thing, she has my deep admiration and support!

We all know this, right? How many do it? It is such a trap to say, “just this once won’t matter” or “I’ll let it go this time” or whatever other rationales we use to satisfy an immediate urge. Keeping your promise to yourself trumps your urges and gives a longer term payoff that you will find is very worth it.

I say, give it a go. Try on an intention where you know you will feel great if you succeed with it. What have you been wishing for?

This entry was posted in Remarkability, Well-Being on May 26, 2015.

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